5 Reasons Why People Avoid Going To The Dentist

Of course, everyone values dental health. Everybody wants to keep their teeth healthy for as long as possible. Yet, for some people, scheduling frequent dental checkups and appointments is an impossible challenge. 

More often than not, not going to the dentist is not synonymous with poor dental practices or hygiene. On the contrary, the number of households who purchase dental tools and whitening strips has been growing dramatically since the pandemic. In other words, not booking dental appointments doesn’t mean you are not taking care of your smile. 

So what are the reasons people avoid the dentist, and what can be done to change the current state of affairs? 

5 Reasons Why People Avoid Going To The Dentist

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#1. Bad breath

Bad breath can cause embarrassment. So, it makes sense why someone who struggles with bad breath doesn’t want to expose themselves in front of their dentist. However, bad breath is not necessarily a sign of decay. On the contrary, bad breath comes from your tongue more often than not. The medical term for it is halitosis and essentially refers to a sulphur-producing bacteria that can populate the back of the tongue. While the bacteria can appear for a variety of reasons, including metabolic dysfunctions and dry mouth symptoms, it can be frequently seen in individuals who suffer from chronic sinusitis or acid reflux. You only need to brush your tongue or use a tongue scraper to remove the white coating and get rid of odours. 

#2. It’s hard to get an appointment

When you work all day, it can be tricky to make time for a dental checkup. That’s precisely why more and more dental surgeries are considering telehealth with solutions such as TelScope, that make it possible for clients to fit routine appointments into their day to day schedules. 

#3. The dentist is a scary place

Dental fear is not something to take lightly. According to surveys, almost 25% of the world population could be afraid of going to the dentist. Dental anxiety could be debilitating as people would rather avoid dental surgery than receive the care they need. Thankfully, nowadays, more and more dentists are trained in handling patients’ fear, and many also offer different medicated treatments to ensure anxious patients can be treated comfortably. 

#4. Ashamed of teeth stains

Yellow teeth are a source of concern for many people. Unfortunately, the predominance of the Hollywood pearly white smile can lead us to believe that teeth are always made to be white. The enamel on the surface is white. But the protective dentin layer underneath has a natural yellow colour. Even if you don’t have stains on your teeth, the dentin could still show through. Plaque build-up is often a reason for yellow stains and can be easily removed by a hygienist. 

#5. They are trying to save cost

Neglecting your dental health could have more dramatic consequences. Indeed, tooth decay, for instance, could affect the rest of your body if bacteria enter the blood. Bacteria travelling through the blood could reach vital organs, such as the liver or the heart, and cause serious disruptions. In other words, saving costs is not the right decision when it comes to health. It’s important for dental surgeries to provide financing plans for all. 

It’s time to make peace with the dentist and put your dental health first. Healthy teeth are crucial to maintaining your overall health for longer.

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