Blogging The Beginning – The Start Of A Dream Career

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start… Blogging the Beginning. The start of something great!

March 2015, I typed my very first blog post. It was terrible, but I made that jump, feet first into an unknown world. One of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s let me to where I am today. The owner of three websites, blogger, influencer, Social Media Manager and freelance writer. It’s not a path I would have seen myself on if you asked me what I would be doing 5 years ago. But I’ve found it. My dream career, being my own boss, making decisions, working from anywhere I like and sorting out my own income and expenses.

blogging the beginning

But what I want to do is share how I’ve got where I am today. Share with you how to start blogging and carve yourself a career in your own blogging world.

My Other Blogs

My other blogs – Rachel Bustin is all about family lifestyle. It started me on the blog journey. Kind of like a family diary. Home in the Pastures is my second blog (really new at the moment) and is about home, garden, and interior design. My favourite hobbies. Then you are at here at Socially Rach. A blog I’ve started to give advice to beginner bloggers and to highlight the social media services I provide.

Starting a Blog

Each week I will share simple tips on how to start a blog. Blogging the Beginning – from how to decide on a blog name. Your niche, getting set up and how to keep your blog safe and secure.

Do you know what? If I can start a blog and earn myself a wage from it. Other’s can as well. But you have to have dedication. Prepare to work hard. It’s taken me 4 and a half years to get to this point. There are other’s who have got to this point sooner than me, but I’ve had two kids, sold and bought a new house, dealt with the loss of my husband’s dad and my own dad and had a full-time job while doing the blog. Now I’m only part-time in my day job, so have a few more hours to do this.

Starting from the very beginning is a very good place to start. (Love The Sound of Music!!)

I’m hoping you will join me on this blogging the beginning adventure.

ps. If you would like to hire me to help you out with your social media stuff, you can find more details of what I offer over on the Hire Me page.

Thanks for popping by today.

Thanks for sharing

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